The emotional benefits of Zatsa

If we had to compare life in 2017 to anything, it would probably be the cartoon Road Runner. If we’re not chasing something like time, a work schedule, or a child’s schedule, it feels like it is chasing us. If only we could be as fast as the Road Runner and not miss a thing...

It’s more common than ever before that both parents are working, and juggling of a work-life balance feels close to impossible. In many cases, parents are divorced or separated, meaning extra effort needs to go into communicating children’s latest sports updates, matches, venues, dates, and times.

Zatsa makes the life of parents so much easier. It is a valuable solution for parents to help take the headache out of staying (or keeping other parties involved) up to date with your children's’ sports arrangements.

But it’s more than just a simple physical solution to simplify your life as a parent.

There are emotional benefits, too.

We can associate quite well with Harvard Business Review’s “Elements of Value Pyramid” which states that products and services deliver fundamental elements of value that address four kinds of needs: functional, emotional, life changing, and social impact. ( )

Some elements are more inwardly focused, addressing consumers’ personal needs, while others are more outwardly focussed, addressing consumers’ need to navigate and manage the external world. This is where Zatsa comes into the picture.

The Zatsa app has been designed with parents’ needs and struggles top of mind, anticipating what type of solution they might regard valuable when it comes to organising and simplifying the daily and weekly task of getting children to their sports activities.

For example, the emotional element ‘reduces anxiety’ and the functional element ‘organises’ is central to Zatsa, among others, because it helps parents deal with complexities in their world.

If we look at the Zatsa solution in the same way as the Harvard Business Review research, where the organisation explores what underlies a consumer’s statement that a certain product or service is important, the emotional benefits become even clearer. The app that connects parents and coaches isn’t just ‘convenient’ - its value derives from a few elements:

  1. Emotional: It reduces anxiety when it comes to children’s sports arrangements such as dates, times, locations, lifts etc. It provides access to information and in that parents can easily communicate with coaches - and the other way around.

  2. Functional: It saves time, avoids hassle, simplifies, connects, informs and reduces effort.

That is why it’s ‘convenient’.

Gone are the days of lost pieces of paper, crumpled up and forgotten-about parents letters, and miscommunicated match dates and times. Zatsa connects parents and sports coaches seamlessly through the click of a button, ensuring that everyone is up to date with the latest sports arrangements.

In essence, Zatsa streamlines communication. It saves time; makes a parent’s life less complicated; is hassle-free; is quick to inform; connects parents with each other and with coaches; reduces the risk of missing an event; helps parents and coaches to organise sports matches and lifts; and probably most importantly, reduces the number one health bully - anxiety and stress.

Remove the stress, start simplifying your daily life with Zatsa today!

About Zatsa

Zatsa provides South African schools, parents, and coaches with an easy-to-use platform to administrate and manage school sports events. It is the only locally available solution that enables two-way communication between schools and parents. Sign your school up today to download the beautifully-designed Zatsa mobile app which puts all the details of your children's sports events in the palm of your hand. With the simple click of a button, you can confirm or decline your child's participation, as well transportation requirements.